New Futura Prices

Everything On New Futura Prices And Psf At A Glance

New Futura Prices At A Glance

With the exception of selected 4 bedroom, Type C2 units, all apartments in New Futura are priced at above $3,000 per square foot (psf.) Translated to actual terms, the prices range from $3.8 million for a Type A1a 2 Bedder and $8.9 mil for a 4 bedroom, Type C2 unit. For your easy references, were have summarised New Futura phase 1 (South Tower) selling price in the table below. For price information of actual units still available for sale, please contact us at +65 6750 4755

Price Table (Phase 1 - South Tower)

Unit TypeUnit Size (sq.ft.)Price Range (SGD)Psf Range (SGD)
2 Bdrm Type A1a1,0983.8 to 4.2 mil3,461 to 3,825
2 Bdrm Type A21,3674.2 to 4.5 mil3,072 to 3,292
3 Bdrm Type B11,8305.5 to 6.9 mil3005 to 3,770
4 Bdrm Type C12,2506.9 to 7.9 mil3,067 to 3,511
4 Bdrm Type C22,6917.8 to 8.9 mil2,899 to 3,307

For your easy reference, here's the link to New Futura Floor Plan and Various Unit Types.

Recently Transacted Prices

Sales at New Futura @ Leonie Hill Road have been brisk since its launch on 18 January 2018. As at end February, all 4 bedroom apartments in South Tower has been sold out.

As a guide, listed below are some actual transacted prices (rounded to the nearest decimal place)  for New Futura apartments in the months of February, March and April 2018. 

Unit TypeLevelUnit Size (sq.ft.)Transacted Price (SGD)Psf (SGD)
2 Bdrm Type A1a91,0983.9 mil3,541
2 Bdrm Type A1a101,0983.9 mil3,563
2 Bdrm Type A1a111,0984.0 mil3,630
2 Brdrm Type A251,3674.2 mil3,081
3 Bdrm Type B181,8305.6 mil3,060
3 Bdrm Type B1101,8305.8 mil3,173
3 Bdrm Type B1121,8305.9 mil3,209
3 Bdrm Type B1131,8305.9 mil3,226
3 Bdrm Type B1151,8306.0 mil3,271
3 Bdrm Type B1161,8306.0 mil3,289
3 Bdrm Type B1171,8306.2 mil3,388
3 Bdrm Type B1191,8306.6 mil3,626
3 Bdrm Type B1221,8306.2 mil3,397
3 Bdrm Type B1251,8306.2 mil3,384
3 Bdrm Type B1281,8306.3 mil3,436
3 Bdrm Type B1291,8306.5 mil3,540
3 Bdrm Type B1321,8306.5 mil3,528
4 Bdrm Type C1222,2507.23,211
4 Bdrm Type C1252,2507.4 mil3,295
4 Bdrm Type C1292,2507.6 mil3,368
4 Bdrm Type C2332,6918.8 mil3,257

Price Comparison with Neighbouring Condo

A good benchmark for price comparison is Gramercy Park, located at nearby Grange Road, only 1 km from New Futura Condo. This ultra luxury condo, which obtained its TOP and was launched in May 2016, was also developed by City Developments Limited (CDL). For the months of January and February 2018, transacted prices (rounded to the nearest decimal place) at Gramercy Park are as follows:

MonthLevelUnit Size (sq.ft.)Transacted Price (SGD)Psf (SGD)
January 2018201,2814.2 mil3,303
January 201881,9696.0 mil3,067
January 2018101,9815.8 mil2,919
January 2018101,9816.3 mil3,159
January 2018111,9816.2 mil3,124
February 2018181,9706.3 mil3,177
February 2018141,9816.1 mil3,073

New Futura vs Gramercy Park Price Comparison

Here are some Interesting points when comparing transaction prices at both New Futura and Gramercy Park:

  • New Futura is almost brand new while Gramercy Park is already more than a year old.
  • With the exception of a single unit on the 10th floor, since January 2018, all units in Gramercy Park were already transacting at above $3,000 psf.

Disclaimer: No two properties are identical. All price information on this page are meant only as a guide, to give you a feel of new condo prices in the vicinity of New Futura. They are not meant to be and should never be taken as "investment advise" and/or "recommendation" to buy New Futura and/or any other property.

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